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Investigations / Trials / Appeals

RSS&ST attorneys have represented clients in criminal matters running the gamut from securities fraud and driving while intoxicated, to capital murder and racketeering, and virtually every type of case in between. Our attorneys have defended and tried thousands of criminal cases since our founding in 1993, as well as for decades as attorneys and supervisors for the Legal Aid Society. We frequently are also called upon to represent clients who are the subject of law enforcement investigations, or subpoenaed to testify as witnesses before grand juries. We have vast experience in the defense and appeal of every type of State and federal criminal matter.


Auto Accidents / Slip and Fall / Medical Malpractice

RSS&ST attorneys have represented clients in all types of injury cases. We have won millions of dollars in awards on behalf of client’s hurt in auto collisions, slip and falls, or while using public transportation. We represent clients injured due to the negligence and medical errors of surgeons and treating physicians as well as affiliated hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers. We fight hard to obtain the best result for our injured clients and personally handle all of such cases from beginning to end, including through trial if a result satisfactory to our client cannot be achieved through negotiation.

Police Brutality / False Arrest / Correction Office Misconduct

RSS&ST attorneys have decades of expertise and experience representing client’s injured by out of control police and correction officers who injure citizens by the use of excessive force. We also represent clients’ falsely arrested and detained, exonerated after terms of imprisonment, or who have been the victims of malicious and improper prosecution by police officers and prosecutors. We have represented thousands of clients and obtained substantial damages for clients victimized by over-zealous, dishonest, brutal, or corrupt law enforcement officers.